Facts about Office Furniture You Might Not Know

May 6 15

How exactly do you provide the right space and design for your employees? There are constant workplace trends that may be hard to keep up with, but we have office space trivia you may not know about that can change the way you look at your workspace design.

The pioneer office “cubicle” was made by someone who made playgrounds.

Robert Propst was hired by the Herman Miller Company to help them with their business expansion, building equipment for other industries. His first prototype of what is now known as a cubicle,called the “Action Office,” was built in 1964.

Just like the Herman Miller Company, Quality Used Office Furniture understands the importance of rethinking the way that offices are designed to create better results for everybody, which is why we offer pieces of furniture that have a variety of functions and purpose.

The standing desk idea is not a new idea.

The idea for a standing desk also came from Mr. Propst, where he included different movable elements into the workstation, giving employees a physical aspect to their work. The pioneer in office furniture design predicted a need for alternative methods of working. The idea, however, didn’t take off until recently because supervisors noticed that, given the choice, most employees preferred to sit.

The first cubicle wasn’t always a “cube”.

The original cubicle had interlocking walls that were entirely light, mobile, movable, and customizable—this was the innovation of the Action Office II. Since they were angled and movable, employees had the chance to personalize their workspaces the way they wanted to.

The CEO-in-a-cubicle trend started with Intel.

Some CEOs forego their fancy corner office in favor of a cubicle, or today in favor of an “open” workspace. This started with Intel’s CEO Andy Grove, when he opted to do away with his mahogany desk, saying that there should equality in furniture and workplace design. The trend hasn’t caught on for every business, but executives at HP have been kicked out of their corner offices with a view into cubicles—creating more of a team atmosphere and helping making them more accessible to employees.

We know the significance of creating the perfect space for you, and we know that our products can give you your desired workspace look, and feel. Let us know what you need and set an appointment with us to talk about how you want your workspace and how we can help you achieve it.

Ensuring Comfort: Office Seating Ergonomics

Mar 26 15

Having an office setup that looks good is nice, but employees need more than just visual appeal, they also need comfort in order to perform at their best. Offices that fail to account for ergonomics increase the stress levels of the workers and wear them down so that throughout the day your productivity begins to suffer.

Fortunately comfort is something you can easily fix. It all begins with where your employees sit to achieve the day’s tasks: the seemingly mundane office chair. In the short-term, uncomfortable office chairs can cause problems with employee posture, leading to slumped over shoulders, improper spinal alignment, neck pain, headaches, and other problems. After prolonged use, your employees could be at risk for developing spine-related health conditions. For this reason, the first thing you examine to make your office more ergonomic should be your desk chairs.

But how do you find an ergonomic office chair? When you’re buying office chairs, there are four key criteria to look for:


Ideally, the office chair should be adjustable. It’s important that the seat can suit different heights so any person using it can have their feet flat on the ground and their arms level with the desk’s height.

Lumbar Support

The chair needs to have adequate lumbar support. A properly aligned spine has an inward curve at the bottom, but without proper support employees often begin to slouch, rounding out the natural curve and putting pressure on the lower back.


The lower back, however, isn’t the only thing to consider. The top of the backrest should support the natural curve of the other part of the spine. Therefore, it is essential to buy an office chair that has an adjustable backrest, complete with a locking mechanism.


Padding is ideal to ensure that the chair is comfortable even if the user sits on it for a long time, and most employees prefer a layer of fabric, leather, or foam over a bare, hard surface.

Look no further than Quality Used Office Furniture for comfortable chairs for your office. Our warehouse has a lot of ergonomic chairs available and we offer them at low prices. When you deal with us, you’re getting durable furniture and great savings. Contact us today for a full list of products we have in stock.

This just in: new Regency Eclipse 5300 mesh back chairs

Feb 18 15
JUST IN: Regency Eclipse 5300 chair $199

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Mfr. closeout. Only $199 each assembled, $179 each unassembled in box! #officechair


Project: Lehi, February 2015

Feb 10 15

Our customers have loved this 2-tone gray and silver Haworth Premise system! It has sold so quickly that we haven’t even had a chance to build it on our showroom floor yet!

6’x6′ stations shown

Haworth Premise 6x6 station

Haworth Premise 6×6 station

Premise stations

Two-tone Haworth Premise 6×6 stations



Just a small sample of the 300+ chairs we received in the last week!

Oct 16 14

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Lots of Haworth, Steelcase, Kusch, Vitra, and more! Great high-end chairs, great prices! #officechair


Traditional Style

Jul 11 14

Traditional-style office furniture isn’t old fashioned or old school–it’s classic!

Its rich look adds sophistication to office spaces, and it’s popular among executives, law firms, and financial services providers.

Here are some hallmarks of traditional office furniture.

Dark wood finishes
OFS Traditional


Ornamental details, brass bail pulls on drawers

Traditional pull detail


Tufted leather and brass nailhead trim




Traditional side

Ask us about our current inventory of traditional furniture today!

I love how these chairs turned out!

Jul 9 14

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From faded and scratched to glossy and beautiful! Only 4 available @ $199 each. #guestchair #kimballoffice #refurb


Project: South Jordan, June 2014

Jun 26 14

Steelcase Kick 6’x5′ stations

s jordan june 2014


s jordan june 2014-2

Recent project in Park City using new Offices to Go furniture.

May 28 14

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Project: Draper, May 2014

May 16 14

Our furniture looks great in its new home!

draper 2

Low-wall cubicles, seating